Touch Moon Jelly Exhibit

Moon Jelly

Range: All across the world
Diet: Carnivore including mollusks, crustaceans, rotifers and small organisms
Size: Diameter 10-16 inches
Life Span: Maybe 6 months in the wild

Moon Jellyfish are almost entirely translucent and can be recognized by its four horeshoe-shaped gonads that are easily seen through the top of the bell.  It collects food in its tentacles and brings them into its body for digestion.

Jellyfish breathes by diffusing oxygen through the thin membrane into the cells. Therefore they have no use of lungs or blood.  They also only have a nerve net instead of a brain that is responsible for the contractions in their swimming muscles and feeding responses.  Jellyfish stomachs are above the four gonads.

Predators to the jellyfish are the Ocean Sunfish, Leatherback Sea Turtles, and larger jellyfish.

We have a cold-water jellyfish on display.  These cold water species don’t have as much of a sting as warm water species.  With the supervision of an adventure guide, we allow guests to be able to touch the bells of the Moon Jellyfish.