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The Sharks’ Journey

Ever wonder how we get our sharks? Learn about their journey below!

Ever wonder how we get our sharks?

They are shipped in large boxes and put on a plane so we get them a few hours after they are shipped. We go to Salt Lake and pick them up at an Air Cargo Depot.

We then load them up in a temperature-controlled vehicle. A van, a suburban, etc. This helps keeps the sharks at a comfortable temperature while they are in transport. They are also packed in styrofoam to help protect them from extreme temperatures.

Once they are at the aquarium we unpack them and acclimate them. The acclimatization process usually takes about an hour and a half, but sometimes it takes longer.

We make sure the temperature of the water they were shipped in is the same temperature as the tank they are going into. We also check the oxygen levels to make sure they are the same, and many other tests. That way when they go into the tank all the levels are exactly the same. All the levels are changed slowly as to not stress the sharks. Once the levels are all the same we introduce the sharks to their new home and give them their first meal, which normally consists of squid, fish, or clams.

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