Rhinopias Scorpionfish Tank

Rhinopias Scorpion Fish

Origin: Indian and Pacific Ocean
Diet: Carnivore including small fish and crustaceans
Size: Up to 9 inches
Life Span: 20 years

The Rhinopias Scorpion fish are in the same family as lionfish. They have 12 venomous spines with 8 to 9 soft non venomous spines on their dorsal fin and 3 venomous spines with 5 soft non venomous spines on its anal fin. The venomous spines are coated with a venomous mucus.

They are ambush predators so they camouflage into their surroundings. The Rhinopias lumbers over to its food and creates a suction with its mouth by opening it rapidly. This creats a current, catching the fish and sucking it into their mouth. Their stomachs are able to expand to 15 times their normal size.

The Rhinopias Scorpionfish do not move all that often so because of this they will shed their skin just like a lizard does.

Banded Moray Eel

Origin: Pacific and Indian Ocean
Diet: Carnivore including small fish and crustaceans
Size: Up to 28 inches
Life Span: 10-30 years

Eels have small circular gills so the eel has to open and close its mouth for sufficient water flow over their gills.

Eels have poor eye sight but excellent smell. They will wait and hide in the crevices of rocks waiting for their prey to come near.

Eels have a second set of jaws called pharyngeal jaws which are found in their throat. They latch onto their prey with their outer jaws, push forward their pharyngeal jaws to grasp the prey, and then pulls it back into their throat and stomach.

Star Polyps

Origin: Indonesia
Diet: Photosynthesize and eat micro plankton
Life Span: Several hundred years

They have distinctive eight-leaved tentacles on each polyp. Each individual polyp is an animal and they live in colonies. They are a type of encrusting coral and will grow over rock and other corals. They can retract as a defensive mechanism and are considered peaceful.