Linnaeus’ Two Toed Sloth

Linnaeus’ Two Toed Sloth

Range: Northern and Central South America
Diet: Herbivore
Weight: 14 pounds
Size: 2.3 feet
Life Span: 20-40 years

Linnaeus Two Toed Sloths have two toes on their front legs and three toes on their back legs.  They are surprisingly fast for what the movies depict and incredibly strong.  Sloths are nocturnal and will sleep for 15-20 hours a day.

Sloths outer coats are long and bristly while the under coat is short and thin.  Sometimes they can appear to have a green hue because of the algae that grows in their fur and they’ll use this algae as protection from the wet and receive nutrients from licking or eating algae.  They live in the canopy of trees with a range of about 10 acres.

Sloths are safe while they are in the canopy of trees but when they use the bathroom, they climb down to the floor of the forest.  While there, they are in danger of predation so to avoid this, they only use the bathroom about once a week.

Sloths are excellent swimmers and can hold their breath up to 40 minutes.

Our Linnaeus’ Two Toed Sloth is named Wookiee.  She came from a breeder in North Carolina.  Some of our employees had to drive to pick her up since she has some specific environmental conditions.  They had to have the heater up to 80 degrees F since she needs the warm temperature all the way across country.  Our trainers have been working with her to get her used to being handled by people and she will also paint canvases.  She enjoys her nap time and you will often find her in the red tree house sleeping.  She has the ability to climb around on the ropes, down to the base of the tree and over to the cashiers.