Kiwi and Sam Enclosure

Eclectus Parrot

Range: Solomon Islands
Diet: Herbivore including fruits, seeds, nuts, berries, blossoms and nectar
Weight: 0.97-2.2 pounds
Size: 17-20 inches
Life Span: 30-40 years in the wild and 50-60 in captivity

The Eclectus Parrot has extreme sexual dimorphism which means that you can tell the difference between males and females.  The males are mostly a bright emerald green color with red under their wings.  The females are mostly that same color of red with some purple/blue feathers.  Until the early 20th century, the males and females were considered to be different species because of this color contrast.

Eclectus parrots are easily trained.  They are very vocal and may mimic human speech, coo, whistle, squeal, and make bell sounds.

Our Eclectus parrots name is Kiwi.  He has been trained to push a mini shopping cart around, put a squishy ball inside the cart and continue pushing it and to put a coin in a piggy bank to finish up his shopping trip.  He also has learned to play basketball.

African Gray Parrot

Range: Equatorial Africa
Diet: Frugivorous including fruit, nuts, and seeds
Weight: 14 ounces
Size: 13 inches
Life Span: 23 years in the wild and 40-60 years in captivity

The African gray parrot is monogamous, stays with one mate, as the females nest solitarily in a tree with a hole for her eggs.

One defense mechanism is fluffing up to look larger and biting.

The African gray is considered to be one of the most accomplished mimics. Parrots, when raised by humans, show an amazing ability to mimic people and noisy objects, but in the wild they have never been observed mimicking.  They are highly intelligent and show a cognitive level of a 4-6 year old child in some tasks. African Grays can learn number sequences, voice recognition, and can use its known English vocab to describe new objects that it doesn’t know the name.

Our African Gray parrots name is Sam.  He was surrendered to us by a local exotic bird rescue.  He enjoys cooing and cat calls.  We are currently working with him to give kisses.