Range: Mexico, Central America, South America
Diet: Herbivores including fruits and flowers
Weight: 20 pounds
Size: 7 feet
Life Span: 12-15 years

There are 35 species of iguana.  They are able to lose its tail and will drop it in defense to escape predators.  If this happens it will take several months for new cartilage to form and will take up a full year to grow back.

Iguanas are able to reach speeds up to 21 miles per hour and they are talented swimmers being able to dive more than 65 feet. . They can leap from as high as 40 feet onto solid ground. Iguanas have strong jaws, sharp teeth, and sharp tails. These tails take up half their body length and can be used as whips to keep predators away.

The Iguana has a dewlap under its neck that it will use for communication.

We have the green iguana otherwise known as the common iguana.  There’s also a bred group that is the red iguana that is not as common to find in the wild because of its genetics.